A Short Tutorial on Making Your Own HO Wheels
by Pat Dennis 2011, 2014
produced for reference related to the Mark II Project

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Step 1. Determine the dimensions that are required for your application, and then create a dimensioned drawing.

Step 2. Cut aluminum stock to OD of flanges.

Step 3. Drill Pilot for ID Bore

Step 4. Bore ID.

Step 5. Drill Pilot for Axle Hole.

Step 6. Bore Axle Hole.

Step 7. Cut Bottom of Bore.

Step 8. Radius Face.

Step 9. Cut Front Flange

Step 10. Cut Rear Flange.

Step 11. Cut Back Edge.

Step 12. Cut Parting Line

Step 13. Machine Tire Depression.

Step 14. Part Wheel

Step 15.Machine Fixture to Cut Rear Flange

Step 16. Machine Set-Screw Flange.

Finished Wheels.