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Marusan body styles: I cannot read or translate Japanese so the actual names of some of these cars are best guesses.
There are drawings of certain cars inside some Marusan set boxes that lend clues to actual body styles produced. Identifying the sedans
can be particularly tricky!

Chris Luakasiewicz did some great research on Marusan for his Collector's Guide to Atlas Ho Slot Cars. (Copyright 2011). Some of that information is cross referenced with my own data.

Here is my documented list of cars as named on set packaging, in my collection, or that I have a photo of:

--MGA 1600MK 2 (also as ambulance(pic)) (pic)
--Karmann Ghia (pic)
--Mercedes 300 SL (pic)
--Porsche 356 (pic)
--Rolls Phantom 5 (pic) (also as ambulance (pic))
--Volvo P1800
--Volvo PV 544 (none in collection but I have a picture)
--Citroen (pic)
--Jaguar (pic)
--Ford Taunus--the Marusan version has three "vents" on the hood
--Datsun Bluebird
--Toyopet Crown D (also as ambulance AND as Police Car (pic)) hoodline slightly more round than the PG
--Prince Gloria (also as ambulance (pic)) (pic)
--Isuzu Bellet 1600 GT
--Nissan Cedric Custom
--Datsun Fairlady
--Tank (pic)

This is the VW Karmann Ghia...

Here are two examples of the MGA 1600MK 2, this is one of the 3 body styles used for the Ambulance:


Very nice Mercedes 300SL. This car is painted in a soft mettalic green.

The Tank. Intact stickers can be hard to find. Also note "American Star" on the front-not a sticker...

Note articulated gun barrel.

Police Car in original packaging should include the sponge dome light protector and the Policeman figure...

I think these are versions of the Prince Gloria:

3 Versions of the AMBULANCE!

Guess: Toyopet?

New Find 2009:

Volvo 544