RS13 6030 Blue Flames
(updated Nov 2015)

6030 RC10 Team Car Graphite (Stealth Transmission)

RC10 history of development (from

Edinger RC10
Cadillac RC10
TQ10 Early

Graphite RC10 1990-1991 (6025 or 6030)
stock = Protech II body (6196?), "Mooneyes" low profile wheels w knock-offs, white arms and plastic parts, new CF chassis where rear of the chassis has two holes for a motor mount brace (Early RC10 Graphite cars did not have the holes). Like the TQ10, the motor mount brace (part 6311) never came with the Graphite car and had to be purchased separately. At least 4 types of graphite weaves. Rare version of chassis w no logo. 3 rib TQ71 front tires w 2 1/8 TQ lightweight 1 piece wheels. Early version this car had spiked TQ front tires. Rear wheels 2.0 TQ w Pyramid Spike TQ tires. Adjustable turnbuckles (not plain threaded rod as earlier). Inline axles instead of "trailing axle" as earler. Updated 6 gear transmission w black steel cut gears.

RC10CE 6 Gear
RC10 Team Car
RC10 Team Car Graphite, late 1990-1995

RC10CE Stealth
RC10 Worlds Car


gold motor mount, aluminum wheels (Tecnacraft accdg to RS), MIP Transmission, Andy's rr arms, purple died front hubs, purple shock caps, Losi Cushion Carcass rr tires 2.00 x 1.60, stock fiberglass fr and rr shock towers, rr universals (these are stock--suggested made by Yokomo), "covered" turnbuckles, Houge steering crank, 6 hole shock tower (should be new style 4 hole?), RPM gear cover, fr bumper, nicely painted body w detailed driver