RS12 6036 Blue #5
(updated Nov 2015)

6036 RC10 Team Car Graphite (Stealth Transmission)

RC10 history of development (from

Edinger RC10
Cadillac RC10
TQ10 Early
Graphite RC10
RC10CE 6 Gear
RC10 Team Car

RC10 Team Car Graphite, late 1990-1995 (6036)
stock version is the same as the "Graphite RC10" but has Stealth transmission and Teflon (green) Team shocks, 4 hole fr shock tower, chassis factory drilled for Stealth, there is possibly an early version and late version where the late version has more of the upgrades from 1994-5 as seen on the 6037 Worlds Car

exploded view:

RC10CE Stealth
RC10 Worlds Car


gold stock motorguard, no motor, proper hardened shocks, green springs, hop up Puretech battery strap, has Futaba servo, Tekin rcvr, Novak T4 ESC

hop up RPM black steering cranks, hop up Magic Motorsports 98t spur

shock towers are black CF i.e. from World's Car indicating end of run version, proper aluminum screws in shock collar (and in Stealth transmission)

this car has black fr and rr arms, perhaps should be white but could be stock from upgraded parts as used on Worlds Car

chassis has been cut to fit a Robinson rear toe adjustment set

hop up HPI 5 Spoke Star fronts and rears, front tires Proline Worlds 03, rear tires Losi Cushion Carcas 2.00 x 1.60 (supposed to have low profile "Mooneyes" style fr and rr)

rear hubs are white plastic, fronts are black and are inscribed "2.5" (offset)
rear bulkhead is black w short ears

Body is stock Protech II and nicely detailed: "Custom Painted by Ron", but has been run

box includes, shock instructions, Futaba Magnum Jr radio set

check: universals/dogbones
check: fr and rr turnbuckles