RS11 6020 Yellow #7 Drip, Edinger
(updated Nov 2015)


RC10 history of development (from

Edinger RC10 (1984-1986)
6000 basic kit, less all electrical
6010 full kit, less battery
6012 full kit, less battery, body, wing
6016 full kit, ball bearings, less battery
6020 full kit, with 6-cell battery pack

7 rib fr tires w Goodyear on earleir versions (mid generation had Proline grooved 6866, late generation are 4 ribbed), rear tires say Goodyear w "fat" spikes, later versions no Goodyear, triangle wing buttons, early rear shock cups surround the spring, early version fiberglass battery strap (later were nylon),

Cadillac RC10
TQ10 Early
Graphite RC10 1990-1991 (6025 or 6030)

RC10CE 6 Gear
RC10 Team Car
RC10 Team Car Graphite, late 1990-1995
RC10CE Stealth
RC10 Worlds Car


Built by Ron, Painted by Ron (RS)

Nicely painted, A letter stamp on top of chassis, 6 gear transmission, hop up fr bumper, RPM rr arms, Andy's fr arms (does not accomodate fr sway bar), chorme Imex rims, Imex Road Dawg tires (fr and rr), adjustable turnbuckles, w Futaba electronics, no motor, teardrop wing buttons (s/b triangles), this body probably a swap--Wing has black buttons and does not fit wing tubes