RS07 6010 Blue w stripes, Purple parts, Cadillac
(updated Nov 2015)


RC10 history of development (from

Edinger RC10 (1984-1986)

Cadillac RC10 (1986-1990)
6000 basic kit, less all electrical
6010 full kit, less battery
6012 full kit, less battery, body, wing
6016 full kit, ball bearings, less battery
6020 full kit, with 6-cell battery pack

TQ10 Early
Graphite RC10 1990-1991 (6025 or 6030)

RC10CE 6 Gear
RC10 Team Car
RC10 Team Car Graphite, late 1990-1995
RC10CE Stealth
RC10 Worlds Car

RS07 6010

Purple Dyed plastic parts, gold alu rims (Duratrax?) (have purple dies in box), has electroncis in box, , nice paint job...alt body, stock TA motor, Parma red dot gear cover, 4 rib fronts, say Team Associated on fr and rr, cannot see stamp if under motor, trailing axle drive line, teardrop wing buttons, Team Associated decals (no sponsor decal sheet) but has late version sponsor decals applied