RS03 6000 Stroppe Monster Truck
(updated Nov 2015)

Edinger RC10 (1984-1986)

Cadillac RC10 (1986-1990)
6000 basic kit, less all electrical
6010 full kit, less battery
6012 full kit, less battery, body, wing
6016 full kit, ball bearings, less battery
6020 full kit, with 6-cell battery pack

TQ10 Early
Graphite RC10 1990-1991 (6025 or 6030)

RC10CE 6 Gear
RC10 Team Car
RC10 Team Car Graphite, late 1990-1995
RC10CE Stealth
RC10 Worlds Car

Very stock topside A stamp w CRP Monster Truck conversion kit, gold plated Clod? wheels and big tires, has steering servo, previous TQ wheel set swapped out for anopther project, nice 6 gear transmission.