Pat Dennis Mark II Progress Report – 5/7/14
by Pat Dennis

(Ed. note: The Mark II Project continues! CLICK HERE for previous reports--August 2010 through May 2014)

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Oct 14, 2014

Rear Axle Tube Attachment

Generated a drawing to precisely locate the rear axle tube. The tolerances are very close as a 96 pitch gear set is being used – as was used on the original MK II.


The fixture was machined in several pieces:

Motor located in fixture by can screws and a dummy endcap.

Note that the design required the axle tube to be milled 0.0063” on one side (this was not an easy process!)

Tube in place, gear mesh checked before soldering.

The finished operation:

Finished Housings, Endcaps, Brush Tubes and Rear Axle Tubes. (“P” is he prototype).

Next operation - Brush and axle tubes to be cut to finished lengths, then onto finishing winding armatures and final assembly of the motor/gears/rear axles.

Pat Dennis